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The Pheno Finders Seeds – Team of growers and breeders from Holland, Spain and the USA.

Phenofinder Seeds were born in the Voyagers Cafe, Amsterdam. Phenofinder seeds is a team of growers and breeders from Holland, Spain and the USA. Their mission: to provide collectors, preservationists and connoisseurs with the finest cannabis seed strains most sought after phenos of new and classic strains in seed form. Phenofinder Seeds have won multiple Cannabis Cups in Amsterdam, Spain and the Canary Islands. You can find all of Phenofinder Seeds on offer at Paradise Gardens!



* Disclaimer *

In accordance with UK law, Conscious Genetics sells genuine cannabis seeds from an international set of elite breeders for collection or souvenir purposes only. Within this country, it is legal to sell & own dormant cannabis seeds but not to cultivate, germinate, grow or otherwise use these items. If you don’t live in the UK, you must abide by the laws that apply to your country. Paradise Gardens and/or Conscious Genetics is not responsible or liable for any illegal activities or other damages that may arise from your possession or use of the products sold on the event site including but not restricted to criminal prosecution or property seizure.