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Good Things Come Out of Challenging Situations – An introduction to Vital Foodz

At 32 years old, Dre suddenly started having seizures. It was a year later after
being extremely sick that finally a diagnosis of epilepsy was reached.
This was a pivotal moment in Dre’s life and the Vital Foodz journey.
Wondering if he would ever get his life back, or if he’d have to learn to
live with constant seizures, Dre had a chance meeting with an old friend.
You could say this chance meeting saved his life as Dre was introduced to how
the body can heal itself. With food. As medicine.

The ‘transitional’ meal for Dre was simply lentils and naan, but this dish was the motivational spark needed to convince Dre to keep walking his newfound vegetarian path. Rapidly Dre felt the benefits. His seizures had slowed down, he’d lost weight
and was eating food he’d never eaten before.

A year and half passed, and Dre wondered if a vegan diet may improve his
seizures further. It did. With astonishing results. His seizures stopped. Completely! Becoming vegan did not just have an impact on Dre’s epilepsy, but on
his overall health. His body through adopting a vegan diet had gone into
healing mode. And it is this message that Vital Foodz promotes through their
fantastic dishes, sweets and smoothies.

Powered by nature, fusing Caribbean flavours and favourites with vegan flair, Vital
Foodz provides exciting and mouth-hwatering dishes. Sourcing, where possible surplus and seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices to provide healthy, balanced, and nutritious creations whose roots lay in Jamaica.

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